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Critical Infrastructure Security Solutions

Protecting Our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

The recent attack on Colonial Pipeline, Brazilian-base JBS, Fujitsu and others have sent shock waves across the country, highlighting the cybersecurity vulnerabilities which continue to impact our nation’s information technology and critical infrastructure environment.

For years, cybersecurity experts and intelligence officials have warned about the risks of ransomware and many other cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure. Unfortunately, the interconnectivity between systems, cloud environments, and third-party partners, along with the availability of malware-as-a-service and a permissive operating environment, translates to a steady increase in the number and severity of attacks targeting our schools, hospitals, utilities, water treatment facilities, and other institutions.

Simultaneously, the Coronavirus Pandemic caused many Americans to quickly pivot and enable remote work and online schooling, often without adequate or timely cybersecurity measures, further increasing the attack surface by exposing critical data and applications to potential exploitation.

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OBAN Cyber: Defend Forward Security

OBAN’s Defend Forward Security leverages security best practices coupled with a broad spectrum of solutions for cloud security, vulnerability risk management, threat detection and response, and threat intelligence, to help our client achieve a resilient cyber defense posture.

With the cybersecurity threat landscape rapidly evolving, infrastructure organizations are seeking more effective ways to protect their mission-critical environments from cyber threats. In response, OBAN Cyber has developed a Defend Forward approach to operational technology (OT) infrastructure security.

OBAN Cyber is uniquely qualified to go into mission-critical environments. Our experts have decades of experience protecting the OT of the nation and high-profile corporations. OBAN Cyber democratizes the availability of this expertise with recommendations on best-of-breed tools and assistance with implementing and integrating them into your current environment.

Our experts understand the complexity, uniqueness, and resilience of your operations in a way that most IT cybersecurity companies can’t. While many consulting firms focus on checking security boxes, we conduct a thorough assessment of your OT environment to identify, analyze and prioritize the remediation of identified vulnerabilities. Our assessment doesn’t just examine technology; we’ll also address policy considerations, company culture, workflow, and all other aspects of your security posture.

OBAN Cybers’ Defend Forward approach to security help our client gain immediate visibility into external and threats against your enterprise, prioritized and tailored to meet your unique needs. Our solutions provide:

  • Relevant intelligence, specific threats, automate action
  • Integration with your existing security stacks to operationalize threat intelligence and response and remediation
  • Services to help you improve your team’s capabilities, augment your staff, and gain critical insights for your security and leadership teams

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OBAN’s Service Offerings

OBAN Cyber provides enterprise-grade external threat intelligence capabilities that enable security teams to defend their entire network against a rapidly evolving threat landscape. Our cybersecurity service provider (CSSP) platform combines best-in-class external data collection and threat intelligence algorithms with proven cyber hygiene strategies.

OBAN’s External Threat Protection suite monitors thousands of sources across the clear, deep, and dark web to identify threats that directly target your unique digital footprint. So, threats are specific, intelligence is relevant, and action is automated, allowing you to detect and prevent attacks before they happen. In addition to actionable threat intelligence, OBAN provides defensive recommendations to help you manage your vulnerabilities and close gaps in your

OBAN Cyber’s Operational Technology Security Assessment assesses architecture and overall security posture to identify risk across your environment and pinpoint highly relevant Common Vulnerability Exposures. For example, penetration red team attacks show how attackers can move through your environment. We give you a comprehensive picture of your environment as a starting point to establishing efficient and effective OT cybersecurity operations.

OBAN Cyber assigns each element of your system a risk value score so you can prioritize which challenges to address first and which risks are most urgent. Improved asset visibility allows your staff to get a clearer picture of what is running in your environment, and they can make better-informed decisions about how to secure it.

Are you in compliance with regulations? Is being in compliance enough protection? Are you interpreting the compliance requirements correctly? Compliance is a key component of cybersecurity and safe operations of your OT, but requirements are always evolving.

Our experts’ experience includes helping to formulate OT compliance requirements, so they understand the intent behind regulations and can help you institute the proper controls to stay in compliance.

Training is a critical component in defending your OT, and OBAN Cyber believes in arming your staff with the knowledge and tools to defend your organization. Our experts offer workforce development and hands-on training on OT security solutions, improving your ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks in your OT environment.

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Achieve a Resilient Cyber Defense Posture