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OBAN Corporation and HCaTS

Among the large business winners – Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, Engility, General Dynamics, IBM, Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Serco, and CSRA – OBAN Corporation is one of the 72 vendors awarded the HCATS contract in 2016.

The HCaTS contract provides tailored training and development, human capital strategy, and organizational performance improvement services to all federal agencies.

As an HCATS vendor, OBAN Corporation provides customized Federal government agencies with human capital management, organizational development, and training services and expertise. As one of our core competencies, OBAN has a breadth of expertise in Human Capital and Training Solutions services, and this is (before the HCATS award) the cornerstone of our business.

About HCaTS

The Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) contracting vehicle is the result of a partnership between the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the General Services Administration (GSA) in support of OPM’s Training and Management Assistance (TMA) program. This contract gives agencies access to customized human capital management, organizational development, and training services at the best value.

The HCaTS vehicle provides all federal agencies with flexible, expeditious, reliable, and effective options to pursue solutions that meet their complex human capital and training service requirements. It offers flexibility to use all contract types at the task order level (Fixed-Price, Cost Reimbursement, Time-and-Materials, and Labor-Hour).

Who Can Use HCaTS SB?

The HCaTS SB contract is available to meet the requirements of all federal agencies.

Agency Ordering Contract Officers (OCOs) that have received a Delegation of Procurement Authority from HCaTS Small Business Contracting Officer may issue task orders under the contract. HCaTS SB allows for all contract types at the task order level (e.g., Fixed-Price, Cost-Reimbursement, Time-and-Materials, and Labor-Hour). Task orders may also combine more than one contract type.

Other ancillary support services, integral and necessary as part of a total integrated solution within the scope of HCaTS SB, are allowable costs and may be included within an individual task order. Ancillary support services may include other professional and non-professional services; commercial and non-commercial items; IT services and components; administrative support; data entry; and, subject matter expertise. Other direct costs may include travel, materials, equipment and/or subcontractors.


  • Improve human capital management in accordance with the HCAAF and OPM governing doctrines
  • Maximize the return on investment in human capital management and training services
  • Government-wide use
  • Easy access to best-in-class solution providers
  • Management of small business programs and goals by allowing customer agencies to receive small business credit and support competition
  • Flexibility to use all contract types
  • Pricing at the task order level
  • Provides longer-term planning for complex program requirements with a program ceiling of $11.5 billion
  • Provides self-service (via a DPA) and assisted service (via OPM) access to human capital solutions

KSA 1 – Customized Training and Development Services

  • Training Program Management Support
  • Technical Skills and Knowledge Training/Learning
  • Career Development and Management
  • Leadership, Management, and Supervisory Training and Development
  • General Skills and Knowledge Training Development and Coaching

KSA 2 – Customized Human Capital Strategy Services

  • Talent Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Integrated Business Management
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Knowledge and Competency Management

KSA 3 – Organizational Performance Improvement

  • Performance Metrics and Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Planning and Alignment
  • Facilitation
  • Data Analytics
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Business Process Improvement and Reengineering
  • Organizational Assessment and Transformation

OBAN is accessible through HCaTS Small Business Contract Vehicles: Small Business Pool 2, Contract Number: GS02Q17DCR0006

NAICS Codes Included:

POOL 2: $15M Size Standard
611710 Educational Support Services
541618 Other Management Consulting Services
541613 Marketing Consulting Services
541612 Human Resources Consulting Services
541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

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