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Shared Services

Improve customer experience and reduce operational costs by consolidating and streamlining core business functions

The Value of Shared Services

Shared Service centers and Enterprise Services Support allow government agencies to streamline and consolidate back-office operational functions and enhance the customer experience. Agencies need shared services when they are looking to:

  • Drive accountability, efficiency, transparency, and trust
  • Optimize service delivery and the customer experience
  • Improve quality and reliability
  • Standardize and harmonize processes
  • Above all, reduce costs
Diverse group of colleagues working in different departments toward a mutual goal

The OBAN Difference

One of the few small businesses in the Shared Services sector, OBAN has been in the forefront of helping the federal agencies define business models and supporting technologies. When it comes to defining Shared Services operations in the public sector, we have the history and expertise. With a high-touch, uncompromising commitment to customer service, we understand the problems agencies encounter with back-office operations and how shared services make a difference.

Shared Services Support

OBAN’s Shared Service support is both strategic and operational. OBAN provides advisory, business process implementation, and operation support services to assist in designing, developing, and planning shared services operations. Our expertise includes contact center capabilities that can be expanded into multiple areas, including human resources, acquisition, security, finance, grants, and information technology.

Streamline and consolidate to enhance the customer experience

Our shared services planning, design, and implementation support include, but are not limited to:

  • Shared services center (SSC) operations strategy
  • SSC IT infrastructure and network design
  • SSC site/facilities evaluation
  • SSC organizational change management and workforce transition management
  • SSC governance structure development
  • Contact center support

Are you ready to learn how OBAN can support your agency’s shared services goal? Contact us!