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Monica Zebold-Bell Director, Contracts & Risk Management

Monica Zebold-Bell

Director, Contracts & Risk Management


Monica is the Senior Contracts and Risk Manager for OBAN Corporation. With extensive knowledge stemming from her experience developing, writing, and winning proposals for commercial and government contracts, Monica uses her skills to make sure that OBAN is the right strategic fit for contracts which the organization chooses to pursue.  

Monica has held positions in information technology and offered professional engineering services in the sciences, architecture, various engineering disciplines, environmental work, and prime and subcontract management for the construction industry.  Her clients have included directors of contracts and procurement for small and large firms.

Monica holds a B.S. from San Diego State University and is currently an instructor with San Diego State University’s Professional Certificate of Contract Management Program as well as a 30-year member of the National Contract Management Association.

Monica uses her experience and depth of knowledge to invest in her community. She is committed to teaching others, either through personal mentoring, management, or formal training.