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Ron Irondi, OBAN President and CEO

Ron Irondi

OBAN President and CEO


Ron has earned a wealth of executive management experience by acting as a strategic advisor to leaders in both the public and private sectors.  His work has spanned domestic and international operations in government, financial services, developing technology, and so many more.   

Today, Ron is responsible for OBAN’s business strategies and growth.  He focuses on developing strong client relationships to improve the client’s productivity and enhance their overall vision.

Ron attended the University of Maryland and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems.  He is a co-founder of the Center for Youth in Transition, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering underserved and disadvantaged youth through education and mentorship.

Ron has held senior-level positions at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Northrop Grumman, Advanced Broadband Solutions, Inc, and Digital Global Strategies.  Additionally, Ron is working with the Virginia Department of Corrections to develop socio-economic programs for returning citizens. He serves as the Board Chair for Prevail Now, a nonprofit organization focused on the effective transition of returning citizens into the community.